Wizarding Weekend

I’m fortunate enough to live just a couple of hours from sunny Orlando FL. It’s a melting pot of tourists from all over the world hellbent on spending money to get the most out of the money they spent to get there.

I love it! This weekend I went to Universal.20130204-084613.jpg

Getting to visit at least once a year takes away the pressure and that manic notion to make everything perfect. Instead I can kick back and enjoy the scenery and theme park fashion trends ( fluorescent sneakers are super hot right now ).20130204-104439.jpg
This weekend was the absolute perfect weekend to visit my uncle in Orlando. The country right outside is absolutely still and beautiful,20130204-095054.jpg
while the park was the perfect distraction from the breakup that went down last week. ( it’s unfortunate, but these things happen ) 20130204-095328.jpg
So I did the best that anyone can do in that circumstance: skip town, enjoy good company and throw back a few butterbeers ( and possibly a Long Island 😉20130204-104310.jpg

PS – for more pictures and updates throughout the week check me out on Instagram. @currentlycarrie

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