Things can really go fast around here. It’s almost my birthday already. Last thing I remember I was turning 24 and suddenly I’m staring down the open jaws of 28. Half my friends are married with kids, and half of my dating pool has already been divorced!

None of us have the Pinterest Perfect lives that everyone’s selling us, and I’m realizing just how very hard I’ve worked for success while actually enjoying very little of it. Sometimes you travel far down a road to find the perfect spot. Sometimes you round the bend and realize the landscape doesn’t really suit you after all.

I think what all that means is that the adventure continues, because you can be a big pile of fail at 18, 28 or 78, but on the flip side there is also no expiration date on badassery. Learn. Adapt. Never Ever give up, and always make time for fun.

Cheers to me bitchez.

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Art for no reason – It’s the best!
This little guy is all vector – putting together these little shapes and making them work in illustrator is such a fun little puzzle. It’s like my version of Sudoku!

Oh, his name is Clyde.

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Mellowing Out

There is nothing worse than watching what a bad job does to a good friend. No matter how hard you try it eventually starts coming home with you; and stress can manifest in a Lot of different ways.

For example, you may be stressed if you start cussing out the paper towels for not ripping cleanly along the perforated line, or you start crying because your Netflix disc skipped.

Random examples of course…

So cheers to my friend who got his ducks in a row and quit his job! Here he is mellowing out Mellow Mushroom pizza joint. (See what I did there)


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A Kiki Is A Party…

Drinking: it’s not just for weekends.

I don’t care how early you get up, sometimes you have to remember there’s a world outside of your schedule.

And then flip your schedule the bird while toasting the Trololo Guy.

Bellagio in West Palm Beach with some friends for a much needed Kiki.

Thursday morning:


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Silver Linings

Remember when my keys were at the bottom of the ocean? I do. Because they were. Seriously, I searched that beach so meticulously I was scaring the Canadian tourists.

I don’t know how it happened, but some angel ( or mermaid ) not only found them, but had the smarts to find me using my library card keychain!

Look, I don’t need to win the lottery to be happy – sometimes it’s just enough to know the universe doesn’t completely hate you.

And when i saw that giant double rainbow ( what does it mean?! ) on my way to pick up my keys, I couldn’t help but feel like maybe I’m on the right track after all.

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A Little Wicked

Well if you read about last week you know things have been a little rocky lately. But whatever extra weights I’ve been carrying around, I decided to just leave them behind on a shelf for a night.

They didn’t match my heels, and I had somewhere to be.
A few friends and I had to tickets to see Wicked in Fort Lauderdale, and while we’re there why not stop by Las Olas first?

It’s a beautiful place to get lost and wander among the unique eateries and art studios…so that’s exactly what we did. 20130218-135835.jpg
While we were browsing around I found an amazingly gigantic sculpture of a water buffalo for about 25 grand, but in the end I settled for a beer and some chocolate covered Oreos.

Then it was time for the show!
It was Awesome!! (Of course) Something about seeing something done That well right in front of you is energizing and amazing in a way that a movie can never be.

And I will have that music stuck in my head for months, which is good because I needed new stuff in there besides the Les Miserables that’s been on loop since December.


When I got home all my crap was still there waiting for me, but I had a nice little tune to whistle while I worked through it all.

Crappy things are crappy whether you’re crappy or happy, so you might as well try!

And it was so worth it.

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It’s Absolutely Pouring

It’s raining, it’s pouring. If it was raining cats and dogs they’d be Rottweilers and those scary-mean hairless cats that’ll claw your eyes out.

Karma? Stupidity? Both? Either way I’ve been quite sick since last week’s grand impromptu adventure, eventually admitting defeat and taking two days off work.

Finally it was suggested I stop infesting the house and get some sun and salt air to work on this snot factory. So I schlepped over to the beach to snore loudly and annoy vacationing Canadians as opposed to my roomates.

While walking along the waves to find a spot, my clever car keys found the one hole in my couture beach bag (a la Walmart) and are probably decorating a mermaid grotto somewhere right now.

I figured all this would, if nothing else, make a decent story. And then they called to tell me Grandpap had passed away.

It’s days like this that you find out how good of friends you’ve got. And mine are good. Very good. 🙂


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