Techno Time


I am in a unique position: everyone I work with is older than me. Everyone I know outside of work, including my boyfriend, is younger. Myself? Well I am right in the middle. Closing in on 30, not yet prego, not yet married.

Every day at work I feel how young I am: My encyclopedic knowledge of memes and Mean Girls regularly fails to impress, while at home my love of 80s jams and business journals equate me with dinosaurs.


That said, I went to a techno concert on Friday. Now I’ve definitely had my heyday with parties, but it’s been quite some time since I was duped into going to an 18+ venue. Unprepared was I for the shock that comes with realizing you are just too damn old for some things.

After waiting 2.5 hours with hoards of sloppy drunk jailbait.. We were finally admitted into an awesome spectacle of bodies, bass and lasers.

It was probably amazing, but my more refined self was distracted by poor event management, the cash only bar and a cesspool of a venue that is clearly a violation of at least a dozen fire and building codes.


Look, It’s not that I’m a prude. It’s just that I’ve done my time partying in filthy frat house basements and I’ve learned to appreciate a touch of class… Or a least the type of meat market with a dress code.

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One comment on “Techno Time
  1. loudlyliz says:

    This made me laugh! I feel that way a lot of the time (referring to paying attention to things like event management). Genius post. You rock 🙂


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