Things can really go fast around here. It’s almost my birthday already. Last thing I remember I was turning 24 and suddenly I’m staring down the open jaws of 28. Half my friends are married with kids, and half of my dating pool has already been divorced!

None of us have the Pinterest Perfect lives that everyone’s selling us, and I’m realizing just how very hard I’ve worked for success while actually enjoying very little of it. Sometimes you travel far down a road to find the perfect spot. Sometimes you round the bend and realize the landscape doesn’t really suit you after all.

I think what all that means is that the adventure continues, because you can be a big pile of fail at 18, 28 or 78, but on the flip side there is also no expiration date on badassery. Learn. Adapt. Never Ever give up, and always make time for fun.

Cheers to me bitchez.

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