A Little Wicked

Well if you read about last week you know things have been a little rocky lately. But whatever extra weights I’ve been carrying around, I decided to just leave them behind on a shelf for a night.

They didn’t match my heels, and I had somewhere to be.
A few friends and I had to tickets to see Wicked in Fort Lauderdale, and while we’re there why not stop by Las Olas first?

It’s a beautiful place to get lost and wander among the unique eateries and art studios…so that’s exactly what we did. 20130218-135835.jpg
While we were browsing around I found an amazingly gigantic sculpture of a water buffalo for about 25 grand, but in the end I settled for a beer and some chocolate covered Oreos.

Then it was time for the show!
It was Awesome!! (Of course) Something about seeing something done That well right in front of you is energizing and amazing in a way that a movie can never be.

And I will have that music stuck in my head for months, which is good because I needed new stuff in there besides the Les Miserables that’s been on loop since December.


When I got home all my crap was still there waiting for me, but I had a nice little tune to whistle while I worked through it all.

Crappy things are crappy whether you’re crappy or happy, so you might as well try!

And it was so worth it.

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