A Whole Lotta Halloween!


Halloween is crazy amounts of fun. All the candy you can eat, playing dress up, and zero family obligations, right? I really went for it this year and did just about every Halloween activity I could think of…


20121031-013058.jpg( and a rather unfortunately large amount of those activities involved a rather unfortunately large amount of candy! ) Caramel Apples dipped in chocolate, a cauldron full of pure sugar…


…and a little bit of everything at our pumpkin carving party. I love this part of Halloween – there’s so many fun ways to make food creepy.

But of course, once you’ve eaten all you can stand, you’ve got to find a way to fit your newly expanded belly into a costume! My weeks-long decision process was promptly obliterated as soon as I saw all the options they had at the store.

What to wear, what to wear?



And Pirate Captain was the winner! This is the first year I “sold out” and didn’t make a costume and I have to admit – it was awesome! Not having to explain an overly ironic costume to every person you meet – priceless.


It was a great time, but the fun didn’t stop there! We invited a few friends over to carve up some pumpkins.



They turned out great! (mine is the ridiculously big one ) and somehow we managed to keep the goo to a minimum!

Finally after all that….Halloween hasn’t actually happened yet. (It’s today!) So why not do any of these things on the actual day??

Well, I think Halloween is just like other holidays in that its easy to forget that they’re there for a reason. It’s not all ghouls, death, and debauchery! Today’s the day to show a little respect to this big, big world and ALL the things in it, seen and unseen.

Happy Halloween!

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Live From Sunny South Florida

Beautiful South Beach Miami: a tourist’s paradise!

Beautiful – except I took this picture last year.

I was there last Tuesday, but most of what I saw was a parking garage and a dark building.

So why would I work all day and then travel an hour down treacherous I-95 on a work night?

To see Band of Horses!
Myself and a few fellow hipsters, including Loudly Liz, made the trek to enjoy one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen!

Sure I was exhausted in the morning, but I smiled all the next day into my enormous cup of coffee.

About this- okay yes I had the entirety of gorgeous South Beach to take beautiful pictures, but sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy the ride. By the end of the night I realized it was far too late to stage anything good, so I snapped a pic next to the classiest thing I could find – a beer stand.

I guess in a way the horrific quality of these pictures illustrates a truth quite nicely:

Sometimes, you just have to be there.

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Time To Get Spooktacular!

Growing up, our parents didn’t allow us to celebrate anything to do with Halloween. No costumes, trick or treating and no decorating. At the time I didn’t know what I was missing, but now…
Well, now I get to squeeze every drop of fun out of this holiday and I love every minute of it!

Bat decals, silly props and striped tights made for a good decorating day!

Poison in the bathroom…

Just hanging out in the kitchen…

Since there was no way the wine was going to last until the 31st, we added food coloring and water to add a deadly new dimension to the old bottles. (The Oreos however, just didn’t last long at all…)


And that’s a few of my favorites – there are waay to many to show them all! I mostly scoped out Michael’s and Target to transform my little space, and by the time I’d started decorating the store shelves were nearly empty!

We had one hell of a hot summer and I think we’re all more than ready for the holidays. Hopefully you’re having a spooktacular holiday season too!

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In Search of Fall

I live in South Florida, and I really do love the sunshine and beaches, but there’s something very Twilight Zone about having no Fall.

I grew up in the north, and I never realized how you tend to measure your life with the changing of the seasons. Every memory from living here the past four years is all jumbled. Did we carve that huge pumpkin 2 years ago? Was that road trip last July or January?

I admit I was a little bummed, so I went out this weekend with my good friend Loudly Liz, to see if I could find any traces of Fall in this tropical limbo.

City Place West Palm BeachCity Place in West Palm Beach. I know I sound awful for complaining…

City PlaceA little window shopping quickly turned into actual shopping…

Pottery Barn looked like fall exploded and I was soaking up every corner of it.

Now I know its not exactly the real thing, but I’m pumped for autumn nonetheless. I’m learning that you need to make things special yourself sometimes – no matter where you are. Falling leaves don’t bring friends and fun to your home – it never did.

You do.

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Welcome to Currently Carrie!

I’ll be honest with you, I wondered for a long time if writing a personal blog was really worth it. With all the crazy changes happening around the world, I didn’t think anyone would care much about another frivolous blog.

And then I had a thought:

It’s the little things, the individual people, daring to live their lives to the fullest and brightest that make the world worthwhile in the first place. So here we go!

This is my world, with my real stories. No rehashed news stories slapped together to ride the wave of trending web traffic. Just my own thoughts, reviews, harrowing tales, ideas, and lots of pictures.  Enjoy!



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