Wizarding Weekend

I’m fortunate enough to live just a couple of hours from sunny Orlando FL. It’s a melting pot of tourists from all over the world hellbent on spending money to get the most out of the money they spent to get there.

I love it! This weekend I went to Universal.20130204-084613.jpg

Getting to visit at least once a year takes away the pressure and that manic notion to make everything perfect. Instead I can kick back and enjoy the scenery and theme park fashion trends ( fluorescent sneakers are super hot right now ).20130204-104439.jpg
This weekend was the absolute perfect weekend to visit my uncle in Orlando. The country right outside is absolutely still and beautiful,20130204-095054.jpg
while the park was the perfect distraction from the breakup that went down last week. ( it’s unfortunate, but these things happen ) 20130204-095328.jpg
So I did the best that anyone can do in that circumstance: skip town, enjoy good company and throw back a few butterbeers ( and possibly a Long Island 😉20130204-104310.jpg

PS – for more pictures and updates throughout the week check me out on Instagram. @currentlycarrie

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Techno Time


I am in a unique position: everyone I work with is older than me. Everyone I know outside of work, including my boyfriend, is younger. Myself? Well I am right in the middle. Closing in on 30, not yet prego, not yet married.

Every day at work I feel how young I am: My encyclopedic knowledge of memes and Mean Girls regularly fails to impress, while at home my love of 80s jams and business journals equate me with dinosaurs.


That said, I went to a techno concert on Friday. Now I’ve definitely had my heyday with parties, but it’s been quite some time since I was duped into going to an 18+ venue. Unprepared was I for the shock that comes with realizing you are just too damn old for some things.

After waiting 2.5 hours with hoards of sloppy drunk jailbait.. We were finally admitted into an awesome spectacle of bodies, bass and lasers.

It was probably amazing, but my more refined self was distracted by poor event management, the cash only bar and a cesspool of a venue that is clearly a violation of at least a dozen fire and building codes.


Look, It’s not that I’m a prude. It’s just that I’ve done my time partying in filthy frat house basements and I’ve learned to appreciate a touch of class… Or a least the type of meat market with a dress code.

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No More Beta

Do you ever feel like you’re running your life like its in beta test mode? I’ve been seeing it all too much lately.

My bf and not one but two of my best friends are seriously thinking of going back to school, and while I generally tend to side with people like Penelope Trunk on the value of degrees these days – that’s another post entirely!

Suffice it to say that people trying to change their lives for the better is a wonderful thing and I’ve told each I’m behind them 100% – just as soon as there’s something to root for. The problem is, all three of them are stuck.

They’re afraid of picking the wrong path. Do they choose the practical route or take the one they dream of but have no safety net for? They (understandably) see the mountain of debt and years of their life and take pause, but it made me see something else for once: the cost of beta test time.

Beta testing – it’s fancier than procrastinating – it’s that time in between making a decision and actually following through. Where you’re kind of trying on the idea to see how it fits. You haven’t paid for it yet but you already start to own the idea of your swanky new life while posing in the mirror.

It’s dangerous because even though it hasn’t happened yet, the idea is just substantial enough to provide an acceptable plug-in to the horrifying question we all constantly face: “so, what do you do?”

In fact I sometimes think that the relief of being able to provide an answer to this question overrides the satisfaction of an actual job well done – at least for awhile.

My friends Do have tough choices to make for sure, but I realize now that living in a beta state can be even more costly than making a mistake. It’s how I’ve come to write a blog but not tell anyone about it: I can say I have this awesome project – but it’s not to much pressure and I can quit anytime because no one reads it.

What is THAT!?

Well I’m done testing the waters. If I’m going to do this – it’s time to do it right. Instead of “what do you do” I want to answer this question instead – ” Are you Good at what you do?”

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a blog. It’s not perfect but I write for it every single week and I have a great time doing it.

You can also follow me on Instagram #CurrentlyCarrie

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Christmas Every Day

Crazy big decorations, all the homes I’ve visited, brightly decorated shops and even the tiny tree in the office…






After years of Grinching I finally get it… The stuff doesn’t make Christmas.. Your attitude toward Christmas makes you want to put the stuff up and share it with everyone else.

But now is time to start putting things away, and for some reason I notice that for some people it’s like a Christmas cheer balloon has been popped. Like they been forcibly holding their breath all month and now they need to breathe. Get this Christmas stuff down STAT.

This year I’ve promised to celebrate Christmas with a friend who isn’t from this country. His Christmas Day is January 6th and so we’ve decided to keep everything up until then.

I’ll be honest it’s not so easy seeing everyone else rip down their decorations and forget it ever happened while trying to keep some holiday spirit. Keep Christmas in your heart all the year right? Try doing a second countdown to Christmas after the 25th and you’ll start to see what they really mean!

But, Instead of getting overwhelmed I thought I’d look at some of the pictures from this season, and you know what? I’m instantly reminded of all the joy we shared this December. And respect for the joy that other people are sharing for holidays at all different spots on the calendar.

I have to say I’m pumped for January 6th, it’s going to be a great Christmas! (2.0)


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Movin’ On Up


So just recently I’ve taken my little buddy here and hit the road. New job!

This is the first time I’ve changed jobs as my own decision to move up in the world and not from some crappy economic layoff or move. And it feels great.

It’s really tough out there for us 20 somethings with little experience, I know. But that just means you can’t rely on a piece of paper like a diploma to land you a job.

There is a business magazine, convention, twitter feed and blog full of cutting edge jargon tailored to your industry – go find one! Sites like The Brazen Careerist can really give you a good perspective on the working world.

The learning never really ends if you want to keep moving up. For example, if you’re still writing “OBJECTIVE: to utilize my skills in a professional environment” on your résumé, you’ve still got more to learn. This isn’t a college paper, stop trying to BS your way through it!

Discover all the aspects of your industry and then you can be confident of where you fit into it and where you can go.

Good Luck out there everyone!

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Not to worry…

Hey everyone, there’s a lot of fun new things coming up.. New thoughts, a new job, new fashion, and a new around town adventure…

But being sick this week sure put a crimp in the posts I’d planned. Actually, it just put a crimp in being conscious at all…

Not to worry friends… I will return soon, amped up on vitamins and better than ever!

Until then, stay safe, stay cool.. And wash your hands more often!

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Wine House

I have a confession to make:

I am a 27 year old single female that does Not drink wine.
I don’t know when or why it happened, but somehow the popular media decided all women in my circumstance should be obsessed with Audrey Hepburn, Paris, and Wine. Personally, I would choose Vera Farmiga, Beijing, and Craft Beer, but I finally decided it might be time to give the vino another chance.

You see I finally realized that most of my previous experiences with wine involved some friend’s weepy break-up scenario and Franzia from a box. Perhaps with a little coaching and a classier setting, I hoped I might find something new, and so off I went on an alcoholic adventure!



Accompanied by a dear friend and knowledgeable wine enthusiast, I ventured out to Total Wine, which I did not realize was such an enormous and glorious emporium of alcohol.


I absolutely love the art on the bottles!

Considering I’ve no current favorites, I based most of my decisions on the friendly staff recommendations and how cool the bottle looked (mostly the latter actually).



I finally decided on a merlot, a shiraz, and the “blue lady” bottle which contains something I can’t quite remember but am saving for a special occasion.

Anyway, the result was quite a success! I found everything quite delicious.

It turns out you can drive by a new city, try a bite of a new dish, watch a pirated movie, or half-ass any experience really.

But if you haven’t experienced it the Right way, do you really know anything about it at all?

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