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Things can really go fast around here. It’s almost my birthday already. Last thing I remember I was turning 24 and suddenly I’m staring down the open jaws of 28. Half my friends are married with kids, and half of

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Art for no reason – It’s the best! This little guy is all vector – putting together these little shapes and making them work in illustrator is such a fun little puzzle. It’s like my version of Sudoku! Oh, his

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A Kiki Is A Party…

Drinking: it’s not just for weekends. I don’t care how early you get up, sometimes you have to remember there’s a world outside of your schedule. And then flip your schedule the bird while toasting the Trololo Guy. Bellagio in

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Silver Linings

Remember when my keys were at the bottom of the ocean? I do. Because they were. Seriously, I searched that beach so meticulously I was scaring the Canadian tourists. I don’t know how it happened, but some angel ( or

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Not to worry…

Hey everyone, there’s a lot of fun new things coming up.. New thoughts, a new job, new fashion, and a new around town adventure… But being sick this week sure put a crimp in the posts I’d planned. Actually, it

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Wine House

I have a confession to make: I am a 27 year old single female that does Not drink wine. I don’t know when or why it happened, but somehow the popular media decided all women in my circumstance should be

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A Whole Lotta Halloween!

  Halloween is crazy amounts of fun. All the candy you can eat, playing dress up, and zero family obligations, right? I really went for it this year and did just about every Halloween activity I could think of… (

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