Christmas Every Day

Crazy big decorations, all the homes I’ve visited, brightly decorated shops and even the tiny tree in the office…






After years of Grinching I finally get it… The stuff doesn’t make Christmas.. Your attitude toward Christmas makes you want to put the stuff up and share it with everyone else.

But now is time to start putting things away, and for some reason I notice that for some people it’s like a Christmas cheer balloon has been popped. Like they been forcibly holding their breath all month and now they need to breathe. Get this Christmas stuff down STAT.

This year I’ve promised to celebrate Christmas with a friend who isn’t from this country. His Christmas Day is January 6th and so we’ve decided to keep everything up until then.

I’ll be honest it’s not so easy seeing everyone else rip down their decorations and forget it ever happened while trying to keep some holiday spirit. Keep Christmas in your heart all the year right? Try doing a second countdown to Christmas after the 25th and you’ll start to see what they really mean!

But, Instead of getting overwhelmed I thought I’d look at some of the pictures from this season, and you know what? I’m instantly reminded of all the joy we shared this December. And respect for the joy that other people are sharing for holidays at all different spots on the calendar.

I have to say I’m pumped for January 6th, it’s going to be a great Christmas! (2.0)


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One comment on “Christmas Every Day
  1. loudlyliz says:

    Awesome pictures!! Xoxo


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