Movin’ On Up


So just recently I’ve taken my little buddy here and hit the road. New job!

This is the first time I’ve changed jobs as my own decision to move up in the world and not from some crappy economic layoff or move. And it feels great.

It’s really tough out there for us 20 somethings with little experience, I know. But that just means you can’t rely on a piece of paper like a diploma to land you a job.

There is a business magazine, convention, twitter feed and blog full of cutting edge jargon tailored to your industry – go find one! Sites like The Brazen Careerist can really give you a good perspective on the working world.

The learning never really ends if you want to keep moving up. For example, if you’re still writing “OBJECTIVE: to utilize my skills in a professional environment” on your résumé, you’ve still got more to learn. This isn’t a college paper, stop trying to BS your way through it!

Discover all the aspects of your industry and then you can be confident of where you fit into it and where you can go.

Good Luck out there everyone!

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