A Whole Lotta Halloween!


Halloween is crazy amounts of fun. All the candy you can eat, playing dress up, and zero family obligations, right? I really went for it this year and did just about every Halloween activity I could think of…


20121031-013058.jpg( and a rather unfortunately large amount of those activities involved a rather unfortunately large amount of candy! ) Caramel Apples dipped in chocolate, a cauldron full of pure sugar…


…and a little bit of everything at our pumpkin carving party. I love this part of Halloween – there’s so many fun ways to make food creepy.

But of course, once you’ve eaten all you can stand, you’ve got to find a way to fit your newly expanded belly into a costume! My weeks-long decision process was promptly obliterated as soon as I saw all the options they had at the store.

What to wear, what to wear?



And Pirate Captain was the winner! This is the first year I “sold out” and didn’t make a costume and I have to admit – it was awesome! Not having to explain an overly ironic costume to every person you meet – priceless.


It was a great time, but the fun didn’t stop there! We invited a few friends over to carve up some pumpkins.



They turned out great! (mine is the ridiculously big one ) and somehow we managed to keep the goo to a minimum!

Finally after all that….Halloween hasn’t actually happened yet. (It’s today!) So why not do any of these things on the actual day??

Well, I think Halloween is just like other holidays in that its easy to forget that they’re there for a reason. It’s not all ghouls, death, and debauchery! Today’s the day to show a little respect to this big, big world and ALL the things in it, seen and unseen.

Happy Halloween!

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