In Search of Fall

I live in South Florida, and I really do love the sunshine and beaches, but there’s something very Twilight Zone about having no Fall.

I grew up in the north, and I never realized how you tend to measure your life with the changing of the seasons. Every memory from living here the past four years is all jumbled. Did we carve that huge pumpkin 2 years ago? Was that road trip last July or January?

I admit I was a little bummed, so I went out this weekend with my good friend Loudly Liz, to see if I could find any traces of Fall in this tropical limbo.

City Place West Palm BeachCity Place in West Palm Beach. I know I sound awful for complaining…

City PlaceA little window shopping quickly turned into actual shopping…

Pottery Barn looked like fall exploded and I was soaking up every corner of it.

Now I know its not exactly the real thing, but I’m pumped for autumn nonetheless. I’m learning that you need to make things special yourself sometimes – no matter where you are. Falling leaves don’t bring friends and fun to your home – it never did.

You do.

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One comment on “In Search of Fall
  1. loudlyliz says:

    love the photos! what a great time! do it again soon? =)


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